Whether you already have a location for your ceremony or you’re still looking for that perfect spot to marry the love of your life, these staging considerations might help you to create the perfect ceremony experience for both you and your guests.

  • Will the space you are using fit all your guests comfortably? Can all your guests see? Nobody likes being crammed in like sardines, so it’s really important that your guests are comfortable and can see.
  • Who do you want standing up the front with you? Where will you all stand? The options are endless when it comes to how you and anyone else (e.g. bridal party, family, friends) stand up the front for your ceremony. When working through staging ideas with couples I take into consideration the space they are holding their ceremony in and the composition of their bridal party to help them decide what will work best for their ceremony.

If getting married outdoors:

  • Do you have a plan B in case of rain or extreme weather conditions? As lovely as the outdoors are, weather is always unpredictable, so having a plan B is a must.
  • Where will the sun be at the time of day of your ceremony? It can be very uncomfortable (and a bit disorientating) if you or your guests are staring straight into the sun throughout your ceremony.

Discussing ideas, options, pros and cons for how to stage your ceremony is something I do with all couples to ensure they, and their guests, have a memorable experience on their wedding day.