Bonne and Kevan’s black tie wedding at Ripponlea Estate felt like stepping straight into a scene from The Great Gatsby. It oozed elegance and charm and whilst the dress code was formal the mood was relaxed and fun.

Family means the world to Bonne and Kevan so their siblings were the natural choice for their bridal party.

Together with their jeweller Bonne and Kevan made their own wedding rings! When we were designing their ceremony they told me that as they were guided through the process of making their rings they started to realise just how much symbolism there was in what they were doing. They said that they bent and they shaped the metal so that it wouldn’t break, and realised that in marriage they will do the same. Then they fused the metal together to create a perpetual circle, and in marriage their lives are fused together forever. With so much symbolism and meaning it was a truly special moment when they exchanged rings as part of their ceremony.

Bonne and Kevan chose a very special friend, Tamare, to say a few words to with them well for their future together. Tamare is a friend, business partner, mentor and soul sister to Bonne and Kevan. She adapted Brene Brown’s Parenting Manifesto (link below) as her wish for Bonne and Kevan’s married life together and read it with sincerity and heart. There was a lot of ‘eye dabbing’ going on as her words resonated with Bonne and Kevan and reflected beautifully the values and beliefs they hold and the way they want to live their life together.

I received a lovely email from Bonne and Kevan after their ceremony, here’s a little bit of what they had to say…

“Our guests cannot stop talking about you and how you ran the most unreal – Ah-maze-ing ceremony ever! Honestly I could not have imagined it going any better. It was perfect in every way. You were SO onto it. I loved your attention to detail from where you stood, the speakers, the way you spoke (not too much, not too little) how you wrote a ceremony that made us feel that you completely got us…..All of it! You were professional and a perfect fit for us.”



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