Oh my gosh! I am kicking myself for taking so long to get stuck into the launch volume of Groom and Guy. I love it!! For a while now I’ve been staring at the cover couple, Chris and Richard, and just thinking to myself ‘that is true love’ – it’s the love in their eyes, their obvious chemistry and connection, all captured so beautifully in that picture.

Finally, I made some time to just sit with my morning coffee, and start flicking through the pages. Next thing I knew I was no longer flicking, I was engrossed, devouring each page of STUNNING INSPIRATION! I wanted more and more!

I’ve read every ‘real wedding’ story and admired the thought, creativity and effort that all the couples put into creating a celebration that is meaningful, authentic to them and a true celebration of what their love means to them.

Then I read publisher and editor, Matty Bulger’s, journey of taking Groom and Guy from an idea to reality with no publishing experience (not since the high school magazine anyway) and was blown away at the vision, hard work and dedication it would have taken to assemble his team and make this not just a reality, but a top notch, quality, aspirational publication.

This magazine is AH-mazing!! I love it! It’s called ‘Groom and Guy’ but there’s inspiration in there for everyone, regardless of gender (clearly, because I’m not a groom or a guy, just a ‘love’ loving celebrant who’s feeling so inspired after reading it).

You can still order the launch volume from their website and volume 2 is coming in December, 2016. Woohoo!


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Groom and Guy
Celebrant Kate Loves... Groom and Guy
Celebrant Kate Loves... Groom and Guy