Bonne and Kevan made their own rings...

The rings that Bonne and Kevan are about to exchange are so special and have so much meaning – they made them themselves.

As they were guided through the process with their jeweller they realised just how much symbolism there was in what they were doing. They bent and they shaped the metal so that it wouldn’t break, in marriage they will do the same. They fused the metal together to create a perpetual circle, in marriage their lives are fused together forever and their love is eternal.

Bonne and Kevan from today and forever more you will wear these rings, they are a symbol to the world that you have each other and a symbol to you of all that your marriage is and all that you have promised to each other here today.

Jack, could you please pass Bonne’s ring to Kevan
Kevan, please repeat after me...
‘Bonne, take this ring as a symbol of my eternal love.’

Jack, could you please pass Kevan’s ring to Bonne
Bonne, please repeat after me...
‘Kevan, take this ring as a symbol of my eternal love.’

Leanne and Andrew’s Ring Blessing

Today, Leanne and Andrew will be exchanging rings as a symbol of their eternal love and commitment to each other. As we continue the ceremony the rings will be passed around to all of you, as it is important to Leanne and Andrew that you all have the opportunity to give the rings your blessing.

Then, when they exchange their rings, they will do so knowing they have your love and support, your blessing. Our ring bearer, Michael will now begin the passing of the rings.

Liza and Philip’s Memory Box

As a memento from today and as a new tradition, Liza and Philip have decided to create a memory box that that they will open each year on their anniversary.

I invite Chriselle to bring the memory box forward.

(Chriselle to come forward with the box in one hand and the contents of the box sitting in the lid of the box. Philip and Liza to select from the contents of the lid as each thing is read out and then placed into the box)

(said as Liza and Philip place each item in the box)

  • Note from Liza – symbolises the words Liza and Philip share and the care they have for each other

  • Tickets to events – This symbolises their exciting life together, finding new things and enjoying the things that the world has to offer

  • Ticket stub from Spain – This symbolises that their love and sense of adventure has no boundaries and will take them to many exciting places in the future

  • Bear Card of love – this symbolises their love and care for their family and their future of making a wonderful family

  • Key – to their home, which symbolises their life together, safety and security

Clair and Matt’s Ribbons

Through their marriage here today, Matt and Clair would like to celebrate and honour, not only the two of them as a couple, but their beautiful little family of three – Clair, Matt and Nyah.

When Matt and Clair discovered they were pregnant with Nyah, it was another moment in their lives that was just meant to be. Nyah’s dramatic arrival to the world, showed them just how strong willed she is and makes both Matt and Clair thankful every day for the fact that they have a beautiful, healthy little girl.

There are three special ribbons hanging in this tree, Purple for Nyah, Pink for Clair and Silver for Matt... Nyah, I invite you to come forward and pull the ribbons down from the tree so you can each hold onto your ribbon.

(said while each holding your own ribbon) Each of the ribbons represents something different and equally important – purple for love, pink for family and silver for unity.

Clair and Matt – I invite you to tie the ribbons together with a knot up one end and then all three of you can twist the ribbons together and tie a knot in the other end.

(said while twisting and tying the ribbons) As a family, you are intertwined and eternally connected. You each contribute your unique strengths, talents and personality to this family. These ribbons represent all that is important and integral to life as a family together - Forever Love, Forever Family, Forever United.

Erica and Daniel’s Candle Lighting

To acknowledge the love of their families and the joining of their two families through their marriage here today, Erica and Daniel would like to invite their parents, Neil and Sharon and Mario and Silvana, forward to light their family candle.

(Said while lighting candles) Erica and Daniel, these family candles represent all that your family means to you, all that they have contributed to your lives and their ever present, love and support for you both.

Daniel and Erica, may the lighting of this candle today symbolise the joining of your two families, the eternal union of two lives and a love that has ignited and will be forever.

Phuong and Nimol’s Sand Ceremony

As part of their ceremony today, Phuong and Nimol will create an everlasting memento from their wedding day. This vase will be filled with sand that represents their individual awesomeness, the journey they have already been on together and the married life they are starting here, together, today.

The first two layers of sand represent Phuong and Nimol as individuals. Phuong has chosen purple and Nimol has chosen blue. The strength of their relationship, the foundation on which they have built their relationship, relies on their strength and commitment as an individual. The strength to always grow, the strength to always be open and honest, the strength to respect each other’s individual needs, the strength to always recognise that 1 + 1 always = 2, never 1. They are amazing individuals, and will always honour each other as individuals, so together, they have created the most wonderful relationship, that is even greater than either one of them alone.

The next layer is the actual sand from Port Melbourne beach, where Phuong and Nimol had their first date, where it all truly began. Where they first came together, where their relationship was born.

The next layer of grey sand represents the ashes from the volcano where Nimol proposed and together they began their journey into marriage. In that moment, at that time, that question and that yes, became the beginning of their commitment to say yes to each other every day for the rest of their lives. Yes, I choose you.

The final layer, represents Phuong and Nimol as a couple. It represents their marriage. Once they have said their vows they are forever joined in marriage. Forever on this journey of life together, forever supporting one another, forever loving one another.

Phuong and Nimol, on your journey ahead as husband and wife, look at this sand and celebrate your love, look at this sand and remember your love and in challenging times, look at this sand and repair your love. May it always remind you that each of you is a wonderful individual, that together you have created the strongest, most amazing relationship, and so, together you can achieve great things and be the best husband and wife that you can be for each other.